August 19, 2009

I rarely see Grotian children. There must be some, of course. How ridiculous that I’ve never even let them cross my mind before. What, did I think that Grotians just appeared, fully adult and ready to work?

Maybe I imagined that they were playing in an underground play zone, much like the one at Proscript Park where the Party children swing and slide and run around with imaginary swords raised.

But now I’m starting to think there may not be the sound of happy laughter in the tunnels that I hear when I go out for a picnic at the park. There is so little public information available about Grotian living. As a biographer, I would like to know more about their lifestyle.


One Response to “Children”

  1. Tresbien Says:

    Hi Melissa,
    I think you’ll find some information about the Grotian children that will be enlightening. You need to read it all.

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